Bridging Hardware between Teradici Zero Clients and VMware Horizon View

Bridging Hardware between Teradici Zero Clients and VMware Horizon View

This article describes solution for an issue, which my current customer experienced with his VMware Horizon View linked clones and the Teradici Zero Clients and Management. In this case, the users were unable to use their keyboard Caps / Num / Scroll lock buttons correctly, nor the led lights on the devices were triggered, when the keys were pushed. The device specific functions over pass-trough were also not available. Although this solution can be used with any hardware, it applies to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop with Teradici environments as well.

The idea is simple and elegant but it took a lot of research, troubleshooting and tests in order to come up with this solution.

  • Log on to the Teradici admin console and select PROFILE.
  • Select the profile which you would like to edin from the list.

  • Select peripherial on the left side in the panel.
  • Choose bridged devices.

  • Enter the Vendor and the Product ID of the hardware device for which you would like to create the bridge between the Zero Client and your VM and VDI session.


After adding all the required hardware, you need to apply the edited profile to the zero clients.

Note: This solution applies to your zero clients only. There is also a known issue with the Keybord Num Lock, when creating a session over PCoIP protocol. The workaround is using the VMware Blast protocol.

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