Deploy Windows 10 Feature on demand with SCCM task sequence

This article is written with the idea to help you overcome any issues related to the Windows 10 Language Features On Demand deployment.  There are many articles by Microsoft, which are describing the commands to run, in order to be able to install the Handwriting, OCR and other Language capabilities, when you have an internet connection in […]

System Center Operations Manager, “Out of memory” and the failing MSSQL workflows

Today’s post will be pretty short, however hopefully very informative and helpful. Actually, the content of it is not mine, but I am sharing it, because I would like this information to reach as many people as possible. If you have been working with the SQL management pack for System Center Operations Manager, then you […]

Error deleting a SCOM Management Pack

A couples of days ago I had to remove a Management Pack. I went to the SCOM Console, removed all the dependencies and then tried to delete the Management Pack. A “Please wait” message popped up on my screen and remained there for about 30 minutes. Then I got the following error message: Error Message: […]

Automating SQL operations with Invoke-Sqlcmd – challenges and solutions

I’ve been working on some automation tasks with SMA 2016 lately, which involved quite heavy data transactions to a SQL database in the backend. Doing this, I have faced some really interesting challenges that I would like to share now with you and of course their respective solutions/workarounds. Reading and writing data to a SQL […]

Using Optional Parameters in Service Management Automation (SMA) runbooks

In this post, I would like to share an interesting observation I have made when working with optional parameters in SMA runbooks. The requirement is pretty basic – pass an optional [datetime] parameter to an SMA runbook and trigger an action, depending on the whether a value has been passed or not. The error message […]

No more Supersedence in a App-V package/ SCCM 2012 constellation

Often we distribute App-V Packages in a SCCM 2012 environment, without having an App-V Server. You should be aware though that there are some limitations in regards to this approach. For example, the update path of the applications is not taken into consideration, compared to an App-V Server “Full Infrastructure” environment. If you want to […]

Forcing a SCOM discovery with PowerShell (the easy way)

While working on customer’s site I noticed on couple of occasions that triggering a specific discovery in SCOM costs too much time to the guys from the Operations Team. What they were basically doing is following a procedure, found in a blog post, describing how to manually trigger a SCOM discovery: SCOM 2012 – Manually […]

Automating the SCOM 2012 R2 agent deletion using PowerShell

In my last project I was given the task to automate the deletion of SCOM agents (both UNIX/Linux and Windows SCOM agents) using a PowerShell script, which then would be executed as part of the deprovisioning process of a specific virtual machine. This was necessary, because after decommissioning virtual machines their associated monitored objects remained […]

WinRM, Powershell-Remoting, Server Manager und HTTPS

Im heutigen Blogbeitrag möchte ich über tückische Zusammenhänge der im Titel genannten Features berichten: Man beauftragte mich in einer Umgebung bestehend aus Windows Servern der Generationen W2K8 bis W2K12 Powershell-Remoting einzuführen. Eine Vorgabe besagte, das PS-Remoting auf Grund von Sicherheitsrichtlinien ausschliesslich verschlüsselt, d. h. über HTTPS kommunizieren darf. Auf den meisten der älteren Server war […]

Geänderte MAC Adresse wird beim Core DHCP Failover nicht repliziert

Bei einer Windows Server 2012 R2 Core DHCP Installation, der als Load Balancer Failover mit jeweils 50% konfiguriert ist, wird die manuell geänderte MAC Adresse eines statisch definierten Eintrages, nicht repliziert. Grundsätzlich muss die Änderung am primären DHCP Server durchgeführt werden. Mit den administrativen DHCP-Servertools von Windows 2012 R2 kann in dem jeweiligen Scope die […]