Automating SQL operations with Invoke-Sqlcmd – challenges and solutions

I’ve been working on some automation tasks with SMA 2016 lately, which involved quite heavy data transactions to a SQL database in the backend. Doing this, I have faced some really interesting challenges that I would like to share now with you and of course their respective solutions/workarounds. Reading and writing data to a SQL […]

Using Optional Parameters in Service Management Automation (SMA) runbooks

In this post, I would like to share an interesting observation I have made when working with optional parameters in SMA runbooks. The requirement is pretty basic – pass an optional [datetime] parameter to an SMA runbook and trigger an action, depending on the whether a value has been passed or not. The error message […]

The mysterious case of the queued Service Management Automation (SMA) runbook jobs (a bit more on Sandbox process separation)

It is weekend again and I have decided to take some time and share some interesting findings in regards to Service Management Automation (SMA) 2012 R2 – an issue I’ve experienced and its possible workarounds. The Problem Random SMA runbook jobs were intermittently getting stuck and remained in a “Queued” job status. The only thing, […]

Use Case – Service Management Automation – Vor Kennwortablauf warnen

Für Automatisierungen bietet Microsoft im On-Premise Bereich grundsätzlich zwei verschiedene Werkzeuge an. Zum einen ist dies der System Center Orchestrator und zum anderen Service Management Automation (SMA). Die beiden Werkzeuge verfolgen unterschiedliche Herangehensweisen was die Verwendung der Lösungen angeht. Orchestrator verfügt über ein GUI, über das man Aktivitäten per Drag-and-Drop miteinander verknüpfen kann und somit […]