No more Supersedence in a App-V package/ SCCM 2012 constellation

No more Supersedence in a App-V package/ SCCM 2012 constellation

Often we distribute App-V Packages in a SCCM 2012 environment, without having an App-V Server. You should be aware though that there are some limitations in regards to this approach. For example, the update path of the applications is not taken into consideration, compared to an App-V Server “Full Infrastructure” environment.

If you want to update an app-v package, you normally have no other option other than creatinga supersedence.

  • This means that the old version will always be downloaded to your clients.
  • (For large packages of several gigabytes, this is an absolute no go.)
  • You have to keep a bunch of old versions which you theoretically no longer need.
  • The user will wait longer and the network will be unnecessarily loaded

So I created a small PowerShell one-liner that removes the previous version of the application from the “AppxManifest.xml”. I don’t have that big experience with the “DeploymentConfig.xml”, but theoretically it should work as well.


Example from a “AppxManifest.xml”:

My Code:

-executionpolicy bypass -Command “Get-AppvClientPackage -PackageId 8DAA6450-6DE9-4D78-9FD7-DA274F28CC50 -VersionId 3DDCCA76-FDC4-47A7-9318-8DDC77A0B300 | Stop-AppvClientPackage | Remove-AppVClientPackage”

Step 1 – PakcageID and VersionID

You have to fill in only the PakcageID and VersionID from your old package.

Get-AppvClientPackage -all

Step 2 – Get the AppxManifest.xml

(Available since App-V Sequencer 5.1)

You can export and import it directly from the App-V Sequencer.


Step 3 – Edit AppxManifest.xml

Prepare the XML via a text editor or use one of these available tools:

ACE        http://virtualengine.co.uk/vet/ace/

AVME   http://www.tmurgent.com/appv/index.php/en/resources/tools/348-avme

Afterwards you can save it back via the Sequencer.


There are other scenarios that we have not discussed yet: The update from a physical package (for example an MSI) to a virtual App-V package. This will follow at a later stage.

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