System Center Operations Manager and the syptoms of the disabled SQL Server Service Broker

Working with SCOM on an everyday basis means you face some of the so called “known” issues and as such it is very helpful if you are able to identify and resolve them in a quick manner. Today’s post will be all about some of the faulty behaviour that could arise, because of one particular […]

System Center Operations Manager, “Out of memory” and the failing MSSQL workflows

Today’s post will be pretty short, however hopefully very informative and helpful. Actually, the content of it is not mine, but I am sharing it, because I would like this information to reach as many people as possible. If you have been working with the SQL management pack for System Center Operations Manager, then you […]

Error deleting a SCOM Management Pack

A couples of days ago I had to remove a Management Pack. I went to the SCOM Console, removed all the dependencies and then tried to delete the Management Pack. A “Please wait” message popped up on my screen and remained there for about 30 minutes. Then I got the following error message: Error Message: […]

Automating the SCOM 2012 R2 agent deletion using PowerShell

In my last project I was given the task to automate the deletion of SCOM agents (both UNIX/Linux and Windows SCOM agents) using a PowerShell script, which then would be executed as part of the deprovisioning process of a specific virtual machine. This was necessary, because after decommissioning virtual machines their associated monitored objects remained […]

Most common System Center 2012 Operations Manager issues and their respective solutions

During my work on different projects in the System Center Operations Manager area I have encountered different issues and also pretty strange behavior on a couple of occasions. In my experience every problem has its cause and therefore in almost all cases – a respective solution. Finding it is sometimes easy and effortless, but on […]

“Distributed Application” in SCOM 2012 R2 – ein hilfreicher Tipp!

Mit Hilfe von „Distributed Applications“ (DA) können verschiedene Klassen und / oder Objekte aus unterschiedlichen Management Packs zusammengefügt und grafisch als eine zusammenhängende Struktur mit Abhängigkeiten dargestellt werden. Die DA ist hierarchisch aufgebaut. Zuoberst steht das System selbst, welches man abbilden möchte. Das kann z.B. eine Webfarm, ein Datencenter oder eine Applikation bestehend aus mehreren […]

Monitoring HP Storage environments with System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2

Monitoring HP Storage environments with System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 and the HP Storage Management Pack for System Center v 4.2.1 – Experience from the field In this blog post, I want to share my personal experience with the HP Storage Management Pack for System Center and give you some hints, which could save […]

OMS – Operations Management Suite

Anfangs 2012 hatte Microsoft mit dem „System Center Advisor“ ein „Software-as-a-service“ als Teil von Microsoft’s Software Assurance Programm lanciert. Ein Jahr später stellte Microsoft diesen Service kostenlos zur Verfügung. Der Advisor lief als „standalone service“ in Verbindung mit einem Advisor Gateway oder als „attached service“ – ab April 2013 – in System Center Operations Manager […]

Achtung bei Installation vom SCOM 2012 Agenten auf SCSM 2012 SP1

Die Version 2012 SP1 des System Center Service Managers beinhaltet einige neue Features. Eines davon ist ein integrierter SCOM Agent (Version 2012 SP1), welcher während der SCSM Installation automatisch auf dem Server mitinstalliert wird. Dies ist aber nicht unbedingt ersichtlich, sollte man dieses neue Feature noch nicht kennen. Der Versuch, den SCOM Agent nachträglich über […]